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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 24, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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um tr np ina,evadni winigng b th wie malfeand vmales oterfrom stalmory eveup grogi imae.nabl >> w so,n e woevthe liange.cals we w wonyoith ung. w weiton wd.h ol onwe wh witlyhighca eduted. onwe wh witlypoorca eduted. i love the poorly educated. od>> tay, li milmeon ansrica in the path of severe weather that's already left at least thredee wadh itremoor tnadoes peexcted today. > >>the cdc has identified 14 ne sew ca ts ofikhe z ta inhe edunitta ss,tera tminsedtt thugroh sexual relations. >> us> plor, spsttscarier en andrews prepesarta to heke t st inand c her sivilovuit er cr se retlydeecorked naded vio th bat'svieen oewed30ver 0 iomillmen tis. wit'sneedaysdfe, uabr 2ryh,4t "e tarly" odaytsstarht rig. now
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i' mob r mmsiaeelkjr. e thltresue s arroin fstm la t'nighvas neauda ccus. na doruld toomp te k thersilv e stat lby asland wiide g nnin er evjoy matir volong bc. we te'll oull y h howd e dindit a thhow p e goeais rg.ctin t but,firser aften a tigse nht in d thesoeep 3uth,ll5 miion er ams icane ar tin pheh at of ve seeare w, ther pwith oartsf th une cobrtry g acinmofor re tetwisodrs tay. erdangstous syorm s stemedpush ro ththugh lfe gust coaio regn an ld at teast phreee eoplare de aad dndenozmos ireurnj.ed as le at fiast onve cedfirm rn tos adoehetoucwns do in uiloansi ma,siisipssanpi, d fl idora. d an otensouf thndsaars ste l il th wipoout wer. vthis cideoreaptue d thntmome we pos r wakeknoct d ounein o alabama town. meanwhile in louisiana, dueling rntooead tschou dednow over a lake, causing huge waterspouts, while elsewhere in the state, debris from homesca sedtter in st etreans yad s.rd e thsilouistana poate lice po tsted pheses hotoneof oa are ok lomoing ikre ldee a timolion si hate tnen a orighb.hood d an iovernsn pea,acolri flo, da coa cay phonigof lnghtniug broht b onthy ore sts m waurcaptn ed o de vio. th mae dan ge ie th iareas
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is the, hompl comy etelrodestyed. onthe hily tefng ltet war sh tioo ungmap g rkinspthe ot wh there use hoede usst to and. an e d thanremnf ts o hthisome nocan fw be foundinloat g in ru fnoffthrom ore stm. th tateahrcot innts uedatoy. nb tec meogorolbiist arll kisins wherethith tre exweeme r athe caforest. od go mngorni. ll bi ll bire, p stty caryurpictes. >> yeah, aou c splegtron rn tosadoe yedastery. h we0 ad 3alin l. u yoic note most ofm the are er whee wug thoheht ty'd be, i-10 ro acewss nea orlndns ao int ar eas ofth nor fla.orid 30 tooernad5 s, 1elargai hl re s.port e'therlss aon beeom se gn sianificint wd da.mage all t bhesedolue vets ohtrnig. 'l welet g mofore se thotu picres wh heen t c sun uomesd p ansee ho dw bat thaag dame .is whereee arh wit therm sto sy .stem il stitl sting and insp,ning st threngg.enin
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uckentndky a tesennesowe, t ards io oh. dahea i ofts i tolhe cond frt. ithishes wre their a isll sti very rbtut.ulen ithishes wree w stillav he a rn toado watchnt u 1il0:00. a.m or flida. th tre sstongerm stos for t he pmost hartave wneeaked. 'r welye onin see fg aewre aas wi noth e sughgttreno h tdoe som wi ndmadage. no na tordoni war angst the rr cu tentime. th sesestorm arerr agivin to sward mptaa, ndorlao, ja nvckso.ille ondayteaa bhrch t toughhe mo grninco e.mmut tiso sll erconcns. la tter hisafooternt'n, isoi gng g toetse wor n.agai ll i' y letouw knoho w's atis rk mico ungp >> >> let's hope for a saferay d wn dore thell, bi. an thu k yo very.much b tackevo n adanow. na dotrld sump' cndommaginin wf o ethev naad causuc h,is pe tarceneage nrlybl douedha t t ecof s pondlace marco rubio. tr piump upcks m 12ore le des.gate chisount nowta s andst 79, far d anay aw eaahdf o ted czru and omarc rubioit wh 16 and 15 sp reveectily. um trupp s tposeiso h usenthiciastpo sups.rter
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>> w now we'renginninn, wi ing, inwinng! an ond so c theryountgo is toing ar stnnt wi wing,nginninn, wiing! e >> hlihighd ghtethe ro achess-trd-boaog demicraphs of hi tes vors. >> wo we e n thgeevanlslica. w weiton wunh yog. w weiton wd.h ol we w wonhiith eghlyteducad. w weiton worh poduly ed.cate i tloveoohe pedrly educat. 'r wee e thtesmareost pwiple th the most loyal ppleoe. % 46 twithishe hcspani. %. 46 mb nuneer oh witanhispics. nd>> abr he deakshoown e w th fnexteeew wayks my plaout.@ f >> ilddonamp truts wanen to d is thck quibvly olyious the ea t siesg thino to deeis kp inwinng. t bue therthare reree ally ifspechiic thengs d can to inhe tnexteewo wigks rowht nso to rt f of torcesshe iitue ws h hi e threinremaoping ntponed s an at thwi is tn in hheirome st .ates alookist th.
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t inashe ly,t da c tedahruz ead by nl oeiy t ghpoints in his home e stat doverd onalp.trum w itotas ng lonthago heat t ted ccruzigampas n wainlook g at te axas,hend trey weki loot ng a mathe nugic omber% f 50e,ther be e causouif y w canorin mane th % 50exin tyoas, n u wiy ever lesing o onee f thstatewide gadeletesha tatt's ke sta. ithiswis a tnneralake l pr y imarhiin oo. buthe e ckeye,statn johchkasi's st tate,erwo-tvem go, rnor -e reedlectrw oveinhelmingly , 2014 alookist thnd bra -new ll po t out, herelddonamp tru adlejoing ashn kinich h hisome st ofate o ohiivby fine pots. f indalori d, 99ateleges. o marco rubihothe tame ste ca atndidote, ny onlhein t stlatel, pols thi fis aeeew wks ag oto, ny onlaris mubco rio si loo ng tlddonamp trufe, a w we ageks eno whs thi wpollas ta n,kee hs wannruthing inird hohis tame sbete, ehindteven d uz cr. rnow, gubio dot at ecen pe marforinnce ou a cofple nt co iests ln at ieastutn soh ca narolice sinn, thebe mayt tha s bumpuphim . bu ait agonn, dtrald haump nes do
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wa nds cod.ucte an fd sothrom taat sinndpot, ma doybe tnald irumpvis mop,ng u w asell. >> ea mhinw tle dheocemtsrael hd to a alwn h sl in couthinarola. arhilliny cltoton ueok qnsstio f ongnoreiic polndy, aen wom's is .sues il whrne beanie s tdersedouch on hothe ttt buopon tf ic othe an trptscrim froetsecrary cl n'intoivs prwaate trll seet ee sp.ches >> re sec ctaryonlintd sailli wi t do ithif oeoer pdople it. , well vi amhaery toppy ea relse ofall pa my peid ss echealto wl st .reet re heis it ri, chs. th aiere non't ne. ur>> sf e, iybeverdoody t,es i d an ithatdenclue s th re icpubl bans,seecaukn we ow htheymaave lde af ot o chspeebues, okt lot whahiis ts ou abt? th s is it abouhewhethar i heve t best plan to go teafllr wa etstre. >> k youevnow oderybnoy's t in go bg to uringeip thr an trptscris. th --ere w >>s hy ie therstone rdanda for me n andorot fry eve ebody lse, chris? me i - an -ybevershody boulde on a l leveinplayelg fid d ani'm ha ty ifwehat here te. cas t >>anhe ctedidasos alkl taced is osuescef ra g andioun ve.lenc th bo h areg opina for t boosin
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im prwhary clere n intoavis fored rebefo w thewihirlupnd ser tu y esda nwheny earl tmorehan 00 1,le0 des gateupare for s.grab an atd thsi masumve nofber gadeleuptes g for brabss ringus tr pacie wottsa ith alookt os th se 11s tate cthat aouldll lobut p ck uthfor cee ra t forhe mb nuwoer tnt frone-runrs. t'>> iins go bg torye ve in stteretoing w seehahat s ppen r after supedatuesy. ke ta aoo lk att tha map. e therare about 060ep rcaublin gadele utespor f grabs oner sup es tuday. so t thald cou a gog lon way to rmdeteginin i whoois gong t get at th minoonnati. it bo's aalut hf of whatny a one idcand wateould .need na doruld tmpom c oinghrff t ee igstraht nswi. th eerantenc plsol inev naad owsheds ut tha he won a nrumbe of ey kin votg blocs. yo ung, old,eo p oplefio varus lsleve of ateduc pion,eeoplit wh
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w heonhe tmnd aon wm theig b in ne dava. we aw sim saril results in the utsoh. te cdzruop hginha t ttasexil wl be aig bin wor f him. th 'sat hisom he atste. omarc o,rubiho w's ,been it pe ap tars,o bet a leasted basn o danevafa so r, sdeconth in e la wost t escontts,s iin hopg to co beheme tso pernt tha tedz cru ys sa he is the one whoan cea b t lddonaum trp. w noki loot ng adethe atmocrs, yo usu jeat hrd hilla rycltoinn, also bernie sanders, his home state of vermont voting on super tu y.esda d coul bbe aneig o onot bh de sis. >>ll ari ght. re mally oakerre bake timor f bothha cgellennrs ise the races. k than vyou ery.much ecappr iateit, actrie. >> >nw mea ihilen o ther,news es prt idenaobamma forlly no andunceis hla pn tolo cowse dn e throcontiaverstel denntio nt ceter ant guaoanam bauby, ca. >> m foryeany itars ee's bn r clea tthatethe donenti fa tyciligu at naantaaymo bs doe adnot e vancnaour altion risecuty. u itminderitnes .
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th s is iopthe n inioxpof e.erts is thth is ine opofion y manin miour rylita. ha>> tint opision shn't baredy er ev.yone es alpecicrly athoss sle aie. >> i butult wo id beallleg, r undeencurrw,t latr to eransf igforerrn tetsorisgu at naantamo tintonihe ustted .ates >> o notarnly ne weoiot go ng t os clane gumotanaen, wh i'm idpresifent ca we e ptura rr tet orise,alivy' theotre n ingettcog a heurt g arinin ma tanhathen, t ny'reoiot go ng t enbe s nt toa,evady' theoire gng to ua gannto amd an'rwegoe g into nd fi e outthverything noey kw. on>> dtrald p umsoaldd assre ed th pre idest'endes sici ionhin s ctviy oreesp lche atlast night. e'>> woire go ng t, keepouas y , knowo,gitmre we'pi keehang tt op anen, 'rd weine go lg toitoad itup wd h bas.dude we go're toing d loap it u awith oflot d bad oudesheut tre. t >>lahe pstn re ts onhe tr sfan oerbef eetw30n o t o60f th tae des inee.sto uil. sole whi th ree ostthf 91e et dneai es ulcobed en stot th o er uncoietrs. th use homee arrvd se ices
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he inarong c asulo > >>bc net mloeoro bgist ill nskari m hasore on y'todas ve seeare w,therti parrlculan y i the seaouthst. >> yeah,t ilu incmodes repl peoe da tohay ttn i d idyedastery. 'shereap a mo tshow there aas r atisk for theot palentier seve at we aherndna tor doesy.toda it nc islude 35il mlioneo pple fromhe t onnati's cal,pita sh waoningtc., d., t allhe way ba owck dntn iore aasf o calentr fl a.orid th ere aaf o gesreatskt rihe, t d re 'sbullye ent paie s th urpicte. le ra igh,areat jus s oouthchf ri edmann mo nd. it ro's a 2und p:00 aut 5: .m00 pe. w t getheon str gest hoof tse msstor. ife' wre g toingoet ge mor
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ngtimiy' theosll mikt lely co ionditns. 76 in fr.esno d an theal finar pt of our story, wee havw sno todayn i st.uilos, agchicndo, a trdeoit. a tl lite b oitevf yternghiit wh bthisasig e ternm.stor ha>> timt tfe o .year lo a int go, g onbill nskari. th yoank eru vmuy ch. cgomin up, erin dranews' $75 mi nlliolk sta leritawsu gets de unwar y. us pl,ca sryen momts as all sma an plrae c ishesnto ticraff on a bu alsy cniifora st.reet ar"e lytoy"das iac bink wo t. se .e mee seme. t don'atstare me. e seme. mesee . e seknme to ow that psoriasis is just mesoinththg i hate.av m i'conot iontagus. se o e me tknow i wthat son'ttop. l untindi fiwo what rks. discover cosentyx, dia enfferkit f nd odimecine fo derar moo te t severeueplaqrias psois. enprovhelp to therimajopety of ople fi lend cr ar omoalarst cle skin. t 8 ou0 of 1lepeop5% saw 7in skaran clet ce ahs3 mont. wh e ile thtymajorisaw cl90% e.earanc
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be sforeg,tartinho you s uldesbe tr ted foultuberc.osis incanedreas risk ioftinfecons d and lowerey abilitigto fthht ayem mur occ. y tellctour doifor h youave nfan i oectionmptor uc...s fevh as er,, sweats,chills amuscler ches oh.cougor you if rhavedeceiveva a e orccinn plato. if av you hohe crdin's sease, llteou yctr door as symptomsan corse wn. riouseals rgicle actires ony e seme. e mesee my w on ay. fi learnd cn skia and r cleare forpath.ward fo a dir erfft enki of nddimecine, yourask ma dersttologit abountyxcose.
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rewhat ase? tho es critest whs.trip theyenwhit bet waythter tean pas .cr 3dest w en whitme 25 titters ben thathe g leadineninwhitotg to.hpaste d i'say... om...s's meonegakinit qumpe an iion.ress cr west 3d whihitestteps.ri wathe hiy to wten. choo tse onehe w nevlonrelt uate-iml-alin-one. our revolutiy onararamasc vedeliasrs 5 ltranh-orsfng mibefitsne. luvo, lemethngdefi, tini,on , liftteand incolonse r. oochese lov ne vlw relton uatiml-e-al-oinmane arsca. >> e > thiscdc es invtitiga4 ng 1 w nes caseikof z ta in.she u., poreedrt slyeaprthd ugroseh alxu co t.ntac >> ea in f ch oepthe esisod, a n matrwas inavel ag to -azikateffecead arve, ded lope sy msmptot tha cwerestonsient th wia, zik w andn ithiwetwo eks t ofanhe mym's ss,ptom the
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sy msmptosi cont sten zwithika vi rus. t >>dche cis advxpes entecta mo s therseto u condoms or st abfrain exom sin durg napregifncy ir thetn paraser h tr elaved to a zika-infected ar ea. a >>n nd ifocali rnia su llrvei vance cideot augha ng single epline crane ash inlandghg ri tt inidhe mofdle e thetstremo on hndayngitti ve secaral rs. th loe pis t wangtryire to turn t toirhe a iportpln a owane ned by s hisoson jhua. che'snturren ly i fjailor le aly gedlkistalctng a ress sa bndrackullo. i noienjurres weor repted. ju hrors oeardngpeni at sttsementh in 5 e $7iomilln uilawsout brbyght rt spotescasr in erre andws. e shuiis s mng aonan cedvict of kistalerng h s andtlecrey lm fiheing ilr whkee naond alg awithel hott thaewandrais clms al d lowe mthato an t ahavem roo gh riext nt to r'hes. nb sc'or mnga dfrad orshahe t details. >> reporter: sportsor rep ter erinre andws hngeadio int a
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teafr alk staecer syretl co re hrdederak ned iner h room at s thiar motritot h aelndhe tn po istedt on.line a videoie vwed mthore 00an 3 iomillmen tis. s>>'sheo sraaf nid.ow sh ise o r>>orepr:tend awsreat' rnto ey said her stalker, michael barrett, asked for a room next to er hans god itt . he serd veon30 manths nd isow .free in c the civilanase s drews want $7 ll5 mifrion heom tri marott te ho nl inilashvitle, 's management company at the time, and michael barrett. hothe detel iniest's onrespe.sibl w >>hehat t didr o hewas te lerrib. t busecoun tl isg ryinieto t my cl s,ient w whosiere tmplyg ryin p toderoviot a hooel ro m, tthe gu test,cro a aliminlk staer. ep>> rr:ortere andasws wic sto in court but previously shared emher asbarrt.smen w>> i gon'thiet twns do30 in mo .nths n'i wot t geowit d 3n inar0 yes. k my mids,tuy fuusre h, bandwill ve hade to ital wish th. ep>> rr:ortere andllws a hegeser st r alkeabwas o le t ofindut er whe e shstwas g ayin from
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fo a crmeralentrer resonvatis ag teent iestif vd bytaideope. d >>g urin tyourinrainu g yowere ttoldithat p wascterfely ac abcepto le tidprove e th in atformthion omat sy ebodwas instay ag atci spehofic tel, eccorrt? es>> y. ep>> rr:orteha micarel b rett wi lsll a to befyestibying otvideinape ri a txpal ed ecteto ta woke tee wks. and andrews is expected to te ak e thanstd. mo anrgad rrdfonb, nec .ws j ust d,ahea ao tri of te icrrifas btbkelal otshs,ll a of them buzzer beaters. orspts cgominp u ntex on "elyar to "day.a ll of yfreshl bo prund tiesenta on youfillh witsmoptimi? ou do yyo love irelur w essoa keybrd re mon ce than rtai familyer membs? yisccour sudue ess fto a ilingst synly em ounyou nddersta? es dori pfrnting r om youet tabl y toreour wiriless pnter ve ygi aouolt j coffideone?nc sifouo, y be e whmeonowo kn ts thaththe rig of gficeear s help gyou do thireatngs. an e'd therpls one thatace hasll it a.
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ni invea we-shor lbodyn.otio t firsshi wath... en iy applo it tetmy wn. ski mitstoiizur esthwio nicst qui klicriy e nsf.of an d i'm ready to go.
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a rill ght. le gt'soet tpo srts now. so mame a bzingtbaskeall s.shot egwe bin whit aal himfteay brlo erbuzz be.ater t asheea brs throw a perfect pass to gathers, who drains the three as the clock strikes zero. that was gathers' fstir three-point shot of his college ercare. e thit exced 27po5-dun guy slammed into an excited baylor fan. kansas went on to win that game -6 660. xtne, charleston south carolina girls. three seconds left. a stolen inbound pass leads to a desperate half-court shot. the lady bulldogs pulled off the win. they'reea htoded l theower
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and the shot of the day is fr vaom binderlt. ve seotn-foen s jiorosh hrsendeon un lachesn a 8fo0 erotus jt be refoal himft ae nndlsai it. ndhesoersn'ho st took about o tw ndsecouss jtet g tghhrou the air. va ynden wtn oo t t winonhat e 87 4 -7in the swamp. just ahead, a literary classic isea hddeo the t sveilr sc enre. pl wus,omhy seta srs are piskiputng o onaysund's re he's a hint.
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u'yoreat winch g"e tarly."oday msmono ktheiw far ly'smith mou s neoften heled a hping and.r aftehingbrus, stlierine total care helps prevent cavities, strethngs teenhet an restd esorooth tna emel. ait's wn easy to aygive listerine total cear t toalhe toty. famil st lie erinal tot care. on boe lettsi, nex betsfi. wer poouto yhr mout . d foankir stadsinrtat g ag e six, erlist sine inmart relivse ders ex catra pvityiorotectten afr brushing. i'm lucky to get through a shift without a b gaar detingeer, itnt uldnco k'tp upee. so s itchewitod ide tdspo. e they'rr cosupetrncen.ated.. so i et g bet ar vo 16ted 20ct produthe of .year t'if itos got ea be clt'sn, it gotito be de. 's ita just cough. you ifld couou see yh,r cougu'd yojusee fst howar it s canpread. robitussin dm max soheotyours th at aro dndiverels , pofastulwerf r cough elief.
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rehethe in ,cityrk pa hing isto fard ind. s seem evelikeonrydrive .es osand thdoe who uld shoit swgech to ico causbeyoe coulu sad vendhuds orecan insur ncrae. , aht.perfec le varkint pag. eneviring, she. llo!he here's ts. key h,and, usy go ean oidmy re, mate. , wohm'tuldnso mind thme of beat elef wn.lingto.. s toow mee hyouch du coulsa n cave osur inrance, o go tcogeico.m. ! ah(car rm alas) sound
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>> ow> n to etanterntinme wsne. el "sma"ir drecto ava duaybern behas apen t tpedodu conct "a wrinkle itin ."me th sce iriptits wrbyten the re di octorrof "f"zen. >> l> inofieu en att tdinghe ca osunrs sniday sght,alever st warsbeill tt angendi a nd fuerrais for flint, igmichan. "c "reed director and janleel emo'n areec exptoted en attd. an lld hiclary n into atook to den ur ocathe gnmpaiil tra ye daster vy to wisitkeith rry sh waoningt t andashe c t of ca "s."ndal toclinn i wasnow torn f a ndfuisraginve ent inos l an s.gele rt aistdr kenick lamarl wil be ininductg nwant io t rheock
4:24 am
dr .e,dr eyas e, ice ,cube and rmcememrbe mc a ren tmongndhe iesucte. > >>vhand no1 and unceeryestday it l wilevbe rg ivinlothe ng ru g nninitrealmpy coion etit me "a'sricat nex top m."odel the show has been renewed for 14 ne isw ep aodesyrnd tnka balls wi e servxeas evecutidu procer. >> 'm> i rob sikjmmelaer,nd a th sis i "e tarly."oday(b alaseb tl oninv kg bacd)rounwi eath hailurt fdare, snger iys alwathe on .rise mssympton worseuse becauryohear t isn't pumping well.(w ilater f roolingm) abou pt 50 ercentplof peoe e di w(doginhimperg) inwithea 5 yf rs oingettnog diagsed. t bus there'insomethyou g docan .
4:25 am
ca bethe use ymorew,ou knomo the ikelre lu y yo are... w(dogerinhimpg) ee to kump it oochr se youmatch w ne crevlonayolorst-in- 2co1 mpact. pe ex-mrtly fatchediooundatd n annccoealer der livefla ssawleco, templelo haok tlat sts. ch lovoosee
4:26 am
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4:27 am
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4:28 am
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4:29 am
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4:30 am
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